HR Policies & Procedures

An excellent Audit service is necessary for any company to be financially sound. Our Audit & Assurance services ensure that there is no mistake or wrongdoing in your company undetected. Some companies have the mistaken idea that audits are only necessary when malicious wrongdoings occur in the data. Thus any company that is large enough needs to have outside audit and assurance done:

How We Can Help You

We create custom HR policies that cover all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from recruiting and attracting employees to removing them. We create new policies and review and revise existing policies to ensure that the policies you have in place are legal and are aligned with internationally accepted best practices. We provide support to HR managers and managers with adopting the new procedures and policies.

Key Elements for HR Policies

HR’s main responsibility is to ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local laws concerning employment. Failure to comply with these laws could make you liable for litigation – the last thing a business owner wants to happen. A well-written HRM policy and procedure are able to address applicable laws in addition to things specific to your industry or your business. The most important elements are:

  1. Equality Policies; Discrimination in the labor laws and compliance with the law.
  2. Recruiting and Hiring.
  3. End of employment and offboarding at-will employment clause, and any additional exceptions.
  4. Salaries and Bonuses.
  5. Performance Appraisals.
  6. Safety.
  7. Code of Conduct Dress code, sexual harassment, and substance abuse; drug testing.
  8. Scheduling Breaks for lunch and breaks from other classes.
  9. Advantages The holidays, vacations and sick time and health insurance; leave for family members
  10. Employing Company Tools as well as Equipment Use of email and the internet.
  11. Conflict of Interest Statement.
  12. Confidentiality Agreement.
  13. Grievances.
  14. Disciplinary Actions.

This list will get you started. You can add to it as you like. For example, some companies are now incorporating anti-bullying guidelines and information on LGBTQ rights.

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